The Most Important Midterm Election in Our Lifetimes: A Prediction

Venezuela Near Collapse

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It is my opinion that, based upon the results of the upcoming midterm election, there will be one of two outcomes:

1. If Democrats win control of the US House, then they will impeach the president. It will only take a simple majority, and you can bet that every single Democrat will vote for it. It won’t matter one bit that he has done nothing at all and certainly not anything that would justify impeachment.

Recall that, in impeachment proceedings, the House indicts, and the Senate convicts. If they control the Senate, as well, then a duly elected president will be removed for no reason, other than that they hate his good-for-America policies.

If impeached yet not removed, then the president will have been made impotent and unable to get anything more done. So good economy, good employment, etc., will be over, and the country will return to the malaise of the Obama years. The two-tier justice system, which allows elites to do whatever they please, while imposing harsh penalties upon the rest of us for even lesser crimes, will have been affirmed.

So either way, removed or not, the effect on the country will be the same. Once again, the US will be on the road to become the most prosperous country to ever go the way of Venezuela.

2. If Republicans retain control of both houses, and maybe even increase their majority, then, along with the good economic and other policy measures that will continue making America great again, the criminal infestation within the federal government will be rooted out and dealt with.

Scores of people will be charged, convicted, and imprisoned, including a great many big name politicians, and the largest and most powerful crime syndicate in the history of the world will be dealt a mortal blow.

It is this last that has Democrats and socialists (redundant, I know) so frantic to invent charges that might give the House, should they win, justification for impeachment proceedings.

And so, fellow patriots, the choice is ours. Which path will we choose for our country? I say we because it is we who will choose to either do what is necessary to support a good man who is working hard for us or to not. And it is going to take more than just voting. Much more.

Not only must each of us vote, but we must also account for 5 more votes by people who would probably have sat out the election had we not made sure that they didn’t. We all know people who have made a habit of not voting, and we must get them to the polls, for the consequences of not doing that will be great. If you know someone who supports Trump but is not registered to vote, then get them registered. You can’t wait until the day before the election.

Let us not think of ourselves and our own comfort and convenience, but, instead, let us consider our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and whether they will continue to wake up every morning in a free country where individual liberty and responsibility are valued above all other earthly things. This election is winnable, and the effort to make that happen will be minimal, but it won’t win itself.


Jere Moore
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