Sessions Says WILL NOT Prosecute Hillary!!!

According to Dick Morris, Jeff Sessions “…will not prosecute Hillary Clinton for any of the crimes committed during her tenure as Secretary of State or in the ensuing years.” Apparently, Congressman Jason Chaffitz, who was Chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, said in a Fox News interview that he had met with Sessions and asked him to go ahead and prosecute the IRS scandal, the failure of witnesses to show up for hearings about Hillary’s emails, the email scandal itself, the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scandal, and other things. Sessions told him no, that he wasn’t interested in pursuing any of those things.

According to Morris, “This is outrageous. Here you have violations of law that would have landed any of us in jail, and yet Hillary has an immunity from prosecution, even from the Trump administration and from the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.”

During the Hillary email scandal, which was just one of many things for which we peons would now be enjoying the hospitality of the federal government at one federal resort or another, Brian Bagliano, the man who set up Hillary’s illegal server, was subpoenaed and just refused to testify. He was, therefore, found in contempt of Congress, and Sessions refuses to prosecute him?

Just think about it. Sessions recuses himself from the groundless Russia investigation and allows his president to endure a brutal, unfair, and unwarranted investigation that has damaged his presidency and made it nearly impotent, and now he refuses to prosecute Hillary and Bagliano, who genuinely deserve to be prosecuted. This is beyond outrageous and shows what a lack of backbone that Sessions actually has. Or maybe it is just that for Sessions, a former Democrat, his heart is just not with the Republican Party, or Trump, or both.

Many men in history have been small in stature but large in courage, principle, character, and integrity. Unfortunately, however, Sessions’ smallness of stature is only where his personal smallness begins. We have wasted enough time on this so-called Attorney General, who would have to have a tall ladder to even reach up to the level of Attorney Private, let alone Attorney General, and he has to go and go now. It’s way past time that we take the little dude by the hand, lead him to the door, confiscate his wine glass, and close and lock the door behind him. There simply has to be somebody better for the job than Sessions. I wonder if Snuffy Smith is available?

Jeff Sessions refuses to prosecute Hillary Clinton, by Dick Mo…

Jeff Sessions refuses to prosecute Hillary Clinton, by Dick Morris

Posted by Deep 6 The Deep State with Dick Morris on Monday, October 2, 2017

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