Interesting Information About the New Zealand Shooting

New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance – US, Canada, UK, Australia, and NEW ZEALAND. All partners have full access to the vast NSA database of the known universe. When the database is accessed in the US, there are safeguards, and all access is tracked. Not so in the foreign partners. So it is more than just suspicion that Five Eyes foreign partners provided sensitive intel about the Trump organization and people to the Obama/Clinton/DNC team. How is that relevant? The NZ administration is complicit in this crime, and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they would be willing, also, maybe even eager, to participate in a false flag event that might somehow be said to relate to Trump.

Interesting, right? Here’s something else that is interesting. Number one Clintonista, John Podesta, is reported to have been in NZ just five days before the shooting. There was apparently a “Global Progressives Event” there, and he was attending. That part seems credible and should be easy enough to verify. If true, is that coincidence? Do unicorns exist?

What else? Below is a picture of John Podesta showing his hands. Supposedly, there is a “14” drawn on his right palm and a fish drawn on the other. Now, I suspect that this is real, but we have to admit that it could easily have been faked.

But look at the photo of the NZ shooter’s weapon. A version of that was published, also, by the Washington Post, and they both show the same thing. You can clearly see a fish on the left center of the butt stock and “14” on the right.

Another coincidence? If the Podesta photo is true and accurate, then there are implications far beyond the New Zealand incident, but I am only pointing it out here as very interesting, but unverified information that, if accurate, could link Podesta to the New Zealand shooter.

I can’t say for sure that the Podesta photo is accurate, or even that the WaPo version  of the rifle photo is accurate, but what I can say is what I believe:  If all is revealed in time, as I believe it will be, then we will be shocked to learn the massive extent of pure evil that has pervaded governments all over the world, especially our own, for decades.

Jere Moore
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