The Firearms Debate: “Why does anyone need X?”

In the current attempt by our progressive federal government to exploit the Sandy Hook tragedy to their own hidden ends and therefore not “waste a good crisis”, the most common phrase you will hear is “Why does anyone need X?” or “No one needs X.” This morning, on Fox and Friends, Eric Bolling was opposing progressive Geraldo Rivera up to the point when Rivera stated that “no one needs” a 30 round clip, or whatever. I was shouting at the TV, “Answer him! ANSWER HIM!!!”, but Bolling just stammered and said nothing intelligible.

These people assume a position of moral superiority that they have not earned and do not deserve, and we have to be ready, willing, and able to knock them off of their false pedestals at every single opportunity. If this republici is not to be totally flushed down the nasty, stinking toilet that is socialismi, then we simply must be able to answer such questions simply and effectively. Here’s how I would have answered it, although with my slow-twitch brain it might have taken me a while:

1. Who are you to tell me, and seek to dictate to me, what I do or do not need? How unflatteringly arrogant!
(Of course, you could continue with “Now get the hell out of my face, you progressive, socialist maggot,” but I would advise against it.)

2. Freedom is not free, and sometimes the cost is painful almost beyond our ability to bear, but the alternative to having the fortitude to pay it it would be infinitely more painful still !

3. The untimely deaths by violent means of twenty-six innocent children and adults is a monumental tragedy, but until something like this happens to cause a million deaths in the most violent, gruesome, and painful ways imaginable, until a whole town in this country is forced to march naked to the edge of a huge crevasse where each person is then shot and made to fall in, adults first as their naked children watch, crying uncontrollably while awaiting their own turn, which is what happens in societies that have allowed themselves to become disarmed, then do not have the gall to speak to me about any form of firearms restriction, period!

4. (Cut to the chase:) All of the above is moot, meaningless, and unnecessary, since in this country we have a constitution that protects every possible nuance of firearms rights, and the only way that any restrictive legislation can be legal and moral is to amend the Constitution to allow it. So good luck with that.

Remember, you are not trying to win these people over to your side. You never will. What you are doing is countering their propaganda so that: 1. more virtuous people nearby can hear and be reinforced in their own beliefs and 2. others who are somewhat on the fence may be guided toward liberty.



Great post! You eloquently gave us a short list of answers to the ridiculous question of “why should you own…”. You’re absolutely correct – it’s MY business as to why I own a particular item and why I believe I need to own that item. But as American society descends into a two class Serf & Royalty system, we can be comforted to know that soon we’ll know who our real enemy is. And that is the US federal government. This is an entity far more dangerous to Americans than Al Quada, the Chinese, or those dang Iranians. yes, I’ll take my chances with these groups any day over the US federal government. This government that lectures on gun control because of a sad event where 28 children were executed, somehow conveniently leaves out the 2,000-3,000 babies exterminated every day through abortion – violating the constitutional rights of helpless babies in the womb. And of course, killing men, women, and children by drone is A-OK as long as it’s in a foreign country – for now. Hundreds of women and children have been killed by US drone attacks. We can also forget the DHS which is now armed to the teeth after securing a billion and a half hollow point bullets. And of course the new DHS recruits that recently graduated. You do need government agents to shoot those bullets and unarmed civilians to aim at. Yes – I see all sorts of reasons to disarm American Citizens. It’s all part of the global integration plan being implemented by the elites as we speak. America had to have a government based health plan and we’re well on our way to achieving that globalist goal. And America is just about the last nation on earth that has a constitution that clearly states the right to own firearms is a right – not a privilege. This however doesn’t fit the globalist agenda so it too will be eliminated. After disarmament, US citizens will be increasingly brutalized and shoved around by an out-of-control central soviet style government. So all of you who want gun control – just remember – the coming police state is your crowning accomplishment and monument to totalitarianism.
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America was the first nation in the history of the world to have a written constitution, and it has kept us out of serfdom for more than two hundred years, largely because of the Second Amendment. Nationalizing one-seventh of the economy via the health care system was Step One in the Obama Path to Serfdom. Disarming the American people is Step Two. Anyone who thinks that the firearms debate is about anything other than that is either unspeakably naive or incredibly stupid, and I would be hard-pressed to decide as to which is worse.

There was a time when being uninformed or naive in such matters seemed almost cute, as in “Aw, he/she just doesn’t know any better.” Well it is no longer cute but is, instead, at best lazy and irresponsible and may even pass the bar as treasonable. I feel completely qualified to make such a statement, and comfortable in doing so, because I was recently there myself and still number among the ignorant in many ways or areas. The difference is, I think, that some people are actually trying to reduce their ignorance while others remain content to nest within it, and I hope and pray that my descendants will be able to look back some day and say that I was a member of the first group.

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