What is a True American Patriot?

Beware the false ‘patriot’!

The word, patriot, has lately come to be thrown around carelessly and so over used that it is in danger of becoming meaningless, and we believe, therefore, that the time when every collectivist/socialist/communist in the country claims to be a ‘patriot’ is the time to pause and define it.

So we have sort of coined the phrase “True American Patriot”. I say ‘sort of’, because the phrase has been used before, but we are, I believe, the first to actually attempt to define just what, exactly, a True American Patriot is.

The general definition of patriot is “one who loves his country”, but that does not, in our opinion, go far enough. Every collectivist/socialist/communist in this country — and there are a lot of them — loves the country for ‘what it can become’, or, in other words, what they can make it into. That’s close enough to the general definition of patriot, that every one of them thinks of himself as a patriot. Since they want, in effect, to transform the country into something else — not just improve it, but transform it entirely — any definition of patriot that allows them cover as one, albeit illegitimately, is inadequate. That’s why we have sought to distinguish the True American Patriot from the false patriots, so here, therefore, is our definition of the True American Patriot:

The True American Patriot – One who loves America for what it is, the principles upon which it was founded, and the documents that created it.

The True American Patriot believes that the Constitution is a static document subject to strict interpretation as the founders intended and not a “living, breathing document” subject to varying interpretation based upon current social conditions and mores and realizes that such a constitution would be no constitution at all.

The True American Patriot believes that the founders were great men — highly intelligent, well educated, and wise beyond their years — who have no peers at the current moment in history.


Jere Moore
Jere Moore has been blogging about political matters since 2008. His posts include commentary about current news items, conservative opinion pieces, satirical articles, stories that illustrate conservative principles, and posts about history, rights, and economics.