Political earthquake! Chief Justice Roberts votes with liberals to uphold Obamacare!

By admin – Posted on 28 June 2012

Printer-friendly versionSend to friendThis is totally amazing, and our first reaction is, as it should be, outrage. The notion that the federal government can force individuals to purchase a product is so foreign to the concept of liberty, that we are left gasping for breath. Let’s pause for a moment, however, and take a look at what good may come of this:

  • Conservatives will coalesce as they have never done before. Conservatives have always been non-joiners. That will change.
  • Tea parties and their missions will become strengthened.
  • People will come to realize that the Founders were right to warn us against an imperial court and that the Supreme Court should not be the final arbiter of what the Constitution says.
  • People will clearly see the importance of electing the right representatives and president.
  • There may be a Republican congressional landslide, because people will now realize that repeal is the only way.
  • States’ rights, strengthened by the Tenth Amendment, will come out of the closet of obscurity into the light of day as Lady Liberty’s true champion.

And let’s all remember, too, that God has a plan and hope that this is part of it.

Jere Moore
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