Obama’s “Buffet Rule”

… or proof that your president is certifiably insane

First of all, unlike your president, let us here be actually truthful and honest. Obama’s so-called “Buffet Rule” is actually an increase in the capital gains tax rate, and, not only is he increasing it, he is doubling it from 15% to 30%. Everybody knows that increasing the capital gains tax rate, acutally and always, reduces the revenue to the government. So, if he indicates otherwise, or if he doesn’t just come out say that directly, then he is lying, and lying is probably the only thing in this world that he is better at than he is at reading a teleprompter.

And, when I say that everybody knows it, that includes Obama. Take a look at this clip, where he is being questioned by Charley “Bush Doctrine” Gibson:

It is obvious, then, that your president believes that the capital gains tax should be increased even if the increase results in less revenue to the government! What bizarro world does this man live in? So, he is either certifiably insane, or he is something else, and, if so, what? But, lets come back to that question later.

The purpose of taxation has always been to raise revenue in order to pay for necessary government expenses, so what Obama is attempting to do is to change that purpose to fairness. And you cannot say that he is just adding fairness as a secondary goal, because, since raising the rates would demonstrably reduce revenue, the two goals are actually opposite in effect and cannot, therefore, be complementary. If the goal is to increase revenue, you decrease the capital gains rate. If, on the other hand, the goal is fairness, and, therefore, to raise the rate, then it it is known that revenues will suffer, and that completely exposes any charade that an increase in the rate, in the name of “fairness”, will somehow help the deficit and national debt.

You know, I believe that there’s a little deja vu going on here: “use the tax code for fairness instead of to actually raise revenue.” Seems like we have heard that somewhere. Have we? Yes, I’m sure we have, but where? Let me think about that for a minute. Oh, yeah, I’ve got it now. It was from our old buddy, Karl Marx. Remember him? He wrote the Communist Manifestom and he’s the one who coined the phrase, “social justice,” and said that it was a proper pursuit of government.

And, ol’ Karl was the one who gave us the “progressive” income tax. You know, not just where people who make more pay more but where they actually pay a higher percentage, and there is a huge, huge difference, but that’s a subject for another article.

So, is your president certifiably insane, or is he, instead, something else. Remember, this is an editorial, and I can say what I want. In my opinion, he is something else, or, more accurately, a lot of something elses. He is, for example, an anti-constitutionalist. He would like to do away with it altogether. And, he is the opposite of our Founders. They were selfless crusaders for liberty, and, like I said, he is the opposite of that. Also, as a friend of mine once said to me about someone who was spinning me a line, “the truth is not in him.” Saying that about Obama, though, makes the staement the odds-on favorite in The Understatement of the Year Pageant.

Your president is also many other things, but the one that pretty much says it all is that the man is just evil. Perhaps he’s not as evil as my cousin Woody (Woodrow Wilson), but he’s closing. Give him another four years, and we might just have a new leader in that category.

Jere Moore
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