What is a Manchurian candidate, and why should we know?

The phrase, Manchurian candidate, was coined in the book by the same name and was used in the movie that was based upon the book. In the book, a man was brainwashed by Communists and “programmed” to perform an assassination when “activated” by a secret phrase. The man went on to run for public office and become elected, and, in his particular case, his conscious brain did not know that he was really working for the other side.

So the phrase has come to mean a person who holds himself out to be one thing but is, in reality, something else altogether. There are other similar terms, like imposter, pretender, charlatan, etc., but they do not have the same connotation as “Manchurian candidate”. Here’s what distinguishes the Manchurian candidate from run of the mill pretenders:

1. He is a candidate for political office who runs and becomes elected to office

2. He runs as, and, when in office, accumulates a record as, one thing, like, say, a Tea Party conservative, when he is actually the opposite, like, say, a globalist progressive. He may maintain his guise at lower levels, like city, county, or state offices, until he gets to a level of maximum power. Or, perhaps, his target was one of the lower levels of government.

3. Once he is called to do so by his puppet-masters, he becomes “activated” and begins to use the power that he has accumulated to actually undermine the principles, like those in the Constitution, that he ran upon and was elected to support.

Here’s the Urban Dictionary definition of “Manchurian candidate”:

A candidate running for office who publicly supports one group to win election, but uses his executive or legislative powers to assist an opposing group.

The Manchurian candidate is, therefore, far more than just a garden-variety of charlatan and is, as a result, many times more dangerous. So, why is this at all relevant and important? Don’t you have certain questions in your mind that seem to defy answer? For example:

  • All elected officials take an oath of office to support and defend the United States Constitution. We know why Democrats violate this oath, but did you ever wonder why so many Republicans seem to have as little regard for the Constitution, and their oaths to it, as do Democrats?
  • Why many Republicans are good friends with and routinely socialize with, Democrats?
  • Why so many “conservatives” wind up violating their campaign promises to actually vote conservative? Think Mia Love. Think repealing Obamacare.
  • Why, when Republicans are in power in Washington, they seem to let the Democrats continue to run things? And why both parties, in the end, seem to be working toward the same ends?
  • Why there are so many Republicans opposing President Trump, along with Democrats? Like the evil Bush family, who actually voted for Hillary, and Mit Romney and many others?
  • Why there is so much rampant corruption in the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department and why Republicans seem loath to change that?
  • Why Trump-appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be actively working against him?
  • Why a Republican Congress abdicates so much of its constitutional authority, responsibility, and duty and just doesn’t do its job?
  • Why somebody, like Trey Gowdy, and a great many others, including many other Republicans, would praise Robert Mueller as a fine person and say that they don’t know anyone who would say otherwise, when the exact opposite is true?

The answer to all of these questions and more is simple, really, but it takes an open mind to fully grasp it. It’s right in front of our noses, yet we haven’t wanted to see it. The answer is that a large number of Republicans in Congress were Manchurian candidates, who ran and became elected as conservatives, accumulating great power along the way, before becoming activated for a particular purpose. Who could deny that this is the most probable and reasonable explanation for all that is happening in the national Republican Party today? Two shining examples of modern day Manchurian candidates come to mind: John McCain and Trey Gowdy. I’ll bet you can name a few more. There are so many to choose from.

Our giant has come, and, if we are too ignorant and/or stupid to understand that and recognize him, then it may well prove to be unlikely that the republic can survive.

Jere Moore
Jere Moore has been blogging about political matters since 2008. His posts include commentary about current news items, conservative opinion pieces, satirical articles, stories that illustrate conservative principles, and posts about history, rights, and economics.

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