It Ain’t About Health Care – Part 2

In Part 1, we made the case that, rather than being unpatriotic to mistrust your government, to do so is the essence of patriotism and is, in fact, a necessity. We need to all keep in mind that the government is NOT the country. One might more accurately say that the country is a combination of:

(1) the principles that it was founded upon as recognized in the Declaration of Independence and other founding documents and codified in the Constitution and

(2) its people.

Government is at best, as Thomas Paine said in Common Sense, “a necessary evil”, put in place to protect us from outsiders and also from each other. It is up to us to protect ourselves from the government, which the founders warned would be constantly trying to increase its own power and would do so, if left unchecked, to the inevitable result of tyranny.

…the president’s health care program is not geared to increase quality, but quantity…

[common sense filter on]
So, why do we say that it’s not about health care? We say that, because health care will not be improved, and here’s our reasoning:

1. The experience of other countries with socialized, cradle-to-grave, free health care proves that quality will go down, not up. There is so much empirical evidence to this fact, that it is indisputable. People continue to try to argue to the contrary, but they only succeed in making themselves look silly.

2. Anyway, the president’s health care program is not geared to increase quality, but quantity. In other words, what they seek to do is extend the present health care system to more people, and that’s quantity.

What’s wrong, you might ask, with that? The answer is that it can’t be done. Common sense, remember? There is already a shortage of doctors and nurses, not to mention MRI machines, CAT scanners, etc., and it is indisputable, also, that these numbers cannot be increased quickly by any significant amount, let alone by the huge amount that would be required by the president’s plan.

1. He would be covering 40+ million new people, and

2. Due to elimination of deductibles and co-payments, people presently covered would use the system more.

That spells a HUGE increase in service demand. Let me repeat that: It spells a H-U-G-E increase in demand! And we don’t have to speculate as to the result. The science of Economics tells us what will happen, and there is a ton of actual evidence of it:

Increased demand + fixed supply = shortage

And, in health care terms:

Shortage = RATIONING !!!

In other words, the fixed supply of health care services will be spread among a lot more people. Once again — indisputable.

With his health care bill, Obama is not improving the system, he’s just adding another 40 million quarts of water to the pot of soup.

Picture this, now, and remember it, because it is important: They will take some of the health care services that all of us have enjoyed and give it to others, including millions of illegal aliens who will no longer be illegal after amnesty is passed. Remember, also, that, if they have the votes to pass socialized health care, they will most certainly have the votes to pass amnesty.

It’s like when you were visiting Grandma’s house, and she had fixed a nice pot of soup for supper. You had smelled it cooking all day, and were looking forward to digging in. Then, when the six cousins from over in the next county show up at suppertime unexpectedly, what does Grandma do? She adds another quart of water, plus a little salt, to the soup. What’s the result? Nobody gets the good stuff, and everybody gets the watered down version. And tiny portions at that.

With his health care bill, Obama is not improving the system, he’s just adding another 40 million quarts of water to the pot of soup.

So let’s agree, then, that it’s not about improving health care quality, because it just isn’t. At the risk of repetition, it’s indisputable. In fact, it isn’t really about health care at all. We’ll tell you in Part 3 what it is about. You already know, but we’re going to try to help you to organize your thoughts and give you a little data to back them up.

To be continued in Part 3, if I ever get around to it…

Jere Moore
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