How to Pronounce ‘Sotomayor’

Nobody likes to have their name mispronounced, especially within the national media. We would imagine that Judge Sotomayor is no different than the rest of us in that regard, so, in deference to the newest member of the United States Supreme Court, who, we might remind you, has a lifetime appointment, and will, therefore, undoubtedly provide us with many occasions to use her name, here is our take on how to remember the correct way to pronounce ‘Sotomayor’.


This is how we remember it:

I have a so’ toe because I dropped my oar on it.

Therefore: so’-toe-my-oar. Now, say it faster.

Easy, wasn’t it? You’re welcome.

Someone might want to forward this to Chris Matthews (of Hardball), since he seems to have a hard time with the name. I’m sure you know who Chris is. He’s the one who likes to say things like, “…and you’re carrying a G** d*** gun at a presidential event,” on national television. And good ol’ Chris calls himself a Catholic, but perhaps we’ll have more on Chris later.

Jere Moore
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