Hobo Wisdom

Three hobos are sitting beside a camp fire and talking about the after life. We don’t know the names of the first Freddy the Freeloadertwo, but the third is our old friend, Freddie the Freeloader.

The first hobo says, “I think I’ll just go on to Hell and get it over with.”

The second hobo says, “If I get to choose, then I want to go to a place where it’s air conditioned.”

Old Freddie thinks for a moment while chewing on his recycled cigar stub. Then he takes it from his mouth and says, “Not me.”

Surprised, the second hobo asks, “What do you mean? Don’t you want to go someplace where it’s air conditioned?”

“Nope,” replies Freddie, “I’d rather go to the place where air conditioning ain’t necessary.”

Jere Moore
Jere Moore has been blogging about political matters since 2008. His posts include commentary about current news items, conservative opinion pieces, satirical articles, stories that illustrate conservative principles, and posts about history, rights, and economics.