Democrats will be Progressives will be Socialists will be Democrats

Yesterday, on Bill O’Reilly, Rep. Robert Andrews (D, New Jersey) summed up the total Democrat/progressive/socialist philosophy in one short statement.

Obama, in his State of the Union message, revealed his desires for the federal governement to be, as O’Reilly said, intimately involved in getting green jobs, high speed rail, education, etc. The only way the federal government could do that, according to O’Reilly, is by spending more money, and we don’t have it.

Andrews pointed out that President Obama stated that one of his goals was for at least 85% of electric power to be coming from wind/solar/renewable sources by 2035. He went on to say that this could easily be accomplished by the government establishing a rule – not a law, mind you, but a “rule” – requiring utilities to buy (whatever amount) of their power from green sources.

In other words, the federal government knows better how utilities should run their businesses than they do. Naturally, the utilities have the perverted notion that the best thing for their customers is to provide power at the lowest possible cost. Your government, however, chucks that selfish notion out the window and adopts instead, on your behalf, a “green at any cost” course.  Do you think that such a policy will result in cheaper power, or more costly? (Please recall, at this time, your President’s earlier statement that, under his plan, energy costs would “necessarily skyrocket.”)

Most people have little, if any, monetary cushion in their budgets to absorb higher utility costs mandated by the “green at any cost” philosophy, so, when electricity costs jump by 50%, or more, how do you suppose they are going to feel about the greenness of that power? And, just where is that extra money going to come from? The average person’s budget is totally inflexible. When and expense goes up, people can’t just up their income to cover it. So, what line of their budget is going to have to be adjusted to make up for higher utility costs – clothing, food, car expenses? Where, then? Perhaps they can cut back on their mortgage payments. Do you suppose the mortgage company will understand and go along?

That’s the way governments work:  they enact laws and rules that choke businesses and cost us more money, yet they do not (nor should they) provide us with money to pay those extra costs. So, we all get poorer, and some of us are pushed that last step toward the abyss of unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or perhaps even homelessness, starvation, or death.

Like I said, Democrats will be progressives will be socialists will be Democrats. Always have. Always will.

The truly sad thing is, though, that most Republicans aren’t much better.

Jere Moore
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