DANGER! – Imminent Invasion From the South!!!

Is Mexico committing an act of war against the United States?

The threat
Perhaps you have been reading about the “caravan” of 1200 (potential) “immigrants”, complete with their own Buzzfeed reporter, that is approaching our southern border with Mexico. This group calls itself World (or People) Without Borders, so you right off the bat know their agenda is much more serious than to just improve their lives by living in the US. They want much more than that – to live in the US and work, and vote, to undermine our borders and immigration law and to surrender our national sovereignty.

Why they probably cannot be stopped
As you read about this mass of people, you may not think it’s a big deal. Just stop them at the border, you are probably thinking. Well, in a rational world, that’s just what should and would happen, but in this country today, with almost no significant border barriers in place and terrible immigration laws like Catch and Release, we can only wish it was that easy. These people have been carefully instructed as to just what to do and say, and as they follow their script, stopping them will be nearly impossible.

According to Brandon Judd, Chairman of the National Border Patrol Council, the group is being actively assisted by the Mexican government to get to the border, knowing that their purpose and intention is to enter the US illegally. According to Judd, “The people do not have passports or legal documents to be in Mexico.”

Why can’t they just be stopped? Judd: “Even if we [border agents] are standing at the border with our hands out, saying ‘Do not enter!’, all they have to do is cross one foot into the border …” and they then must be arrested and processed as outlined below. Judd: “And, if they ask for asylum or say ‘I fear to go back to my country’, then we have to process them under that fear, which allows them to be released into our country.” Recall that I said that these people have been instructed as to just what to do and say.

Then, they must be taken into custody and processed:

  • Are arrested and taken into custody
  • Taken back to stations and processed
  • Transferred to Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • ICE processes them and gives notice to appear before an immigration judge

And we all know what happens next, right? The illegals are released into the United States, wherein they disappear and hide. Their hearing dates, again according to Judd, are an obscene two years in the future. Needless to say, the illegals never appear at their immigration hearings.

Many of these people, like other illegals in this country, will be assisted by Democrat activists in illegally voting in US elections, many of which are already being won or lost by just a few votes, largely due to the current effectiveness of this malignant Democrat strategy. How many elections have you seen won or lost by less than 1000 votes?

Is Mexico committing an act of war?
So this national media portrayed “innocent” caravan is far from that and poses, instead, a significant and imminent national security threat. And the severity of this threat is why I ask if Mexico is, by promoting and assisting this effort, committing an act of war against the United States?

What can be done?
So, what can be done? What the Republican congress could do is get rid of the Senate filibuster, which effectively and irrationally gives the minority veto power over everything, and quickly pass the necessary laws. But the Republicans won’t. Why? Maybe because they are impotent cowards who have no … courage. Or maybe because they secretly want the same things as Democrats and are basically playing a supporting role to the Democrats’ lead. Certainly, their actions seem to back this up.

The bottom line is that, if we love our country, we had better get on the phones and speak with the offices of our senators and (House) representatives. This is a very serious threat. Tell your House members to quickly pass the necessary laws to stop this invasion, and tell your senators to get rid of the filibuster and then quickly pass the House bill, as well.

(Information from Brandon Judd courtesy of Fox News Channel, Fox and Friends)

Jere Moore
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