Comey: “The Republican Party Left Me” – the Truth!

James Comey is a Republican! Yeah, I know, it’s incomprehensible that he is supposed to be a Republican. If that little voice inside of you is tugging at your earlobes and telling you that something is not right about that, then listen to it. Something is definitely not right.

In politics, there are no accidents
Like many so-called Republicans in Congress, Comey is no Republican. Do you think it was just by accident that so many Congess members campaigned as, and were elected as, Republicans, even Tea Party Republicans, yet voted like liberals when they got to Washington? If you do, then call me. I have a nice piece of ocean-front property in Arizona that I’ll let you have cheap. But, of course, since you actually have a brain, you are pretty sure that it is no coincidence, and you are absolutely correct.

The truth, if you want to know it
What has happened is that, for decades, maybe forever, progressives/socialists/communists/Democrats, whatever you care to call them, have infiltrated the Republican Party by posing as conservatives from early in their career. Once they get to their destinations, whether city, county, state, or national office, they, like the Manchurian candidates that they are, become activated and begin to slowly, inexorably, undermine, or rust, the legal system at whatever levels they occupy.

Long ball vs. dink and dunk
No, you say, no one would ever do that. Wouldn’t they? These people play long ball, not dink and dunk like conservatives typically like to play. A conservative likes to take on a task, expend whatever energy is necessary to get it done, do it once and call it done, and then move on to something else. What they do not want to do is to go back to the first matter again. Dink and dunk. Short ball.

On the other hand, the other side is like the water inside of your plumbing that is forever exerting pressure, trying to find a weak spot, and when it does, it pours through it, widening it as it goes. It never, ever stops pushing, pressing, and probing. A python doesn’t actually crush its prey to death. Instead, it just tightens around it and holds. Sooner or later, the poor victim will have to take a breath. But to take in fresh air it must first let out the old, and, when it does, the python gains a bit more, so that the victim, unable to take in air, eventually suffocates. So the goal is not crushing, short ball, but suffocation, long ball. Like the python, progressives always constrict more and never give up any gains … ever! … until the life is eventually squeezed out of whatever they have wrapped their malignant coils around. They push and push and push and never rest until they are able to move the line forward a bit. Then that becomes the new line, and it starts all over again.

And that is a fundamental difference. And it is why rust is such a perfect metaphor for what true conservatives, constitutionalists, and patriots have to face every single day, 24-7, 365.  It doesn’t move fast, but it never sleeps. Every time we hit a lick, make a little progress, and then move on, they are still there and still pushing so that they gain back all that we had won plus another quarter inch, and the line is move forward once again. So, yes, someone would do that, someone has done that, and someone has been doing that, and doing it very effectively, for decades.

Contradiction or perfect harmony?
In politics, every apparent contradiction, like a Republican that votes like a Democrat, has a truth that, if known, would reveal that there is, in fact, no contradiction at all but, instead, perfect harmony or consistency. A snake dons a bunny costume, runs for congress, and gets elected as a bunny. Then, when we see him voting like a snake, we do not understand it, because there is an apparent contradiction. He looks like a bunny but votes like a snake. So we criticize him for being an inconsistent bunny. That clearly shows that we do not understand the problem, because, if we did understand the problem – that he is actually a snake dressed as a bunny – we would know that there is actually no contradiction at all but, instead, perfect harmony or consistency. A snake is simply, predictably, voting like a snake. And that is why the Bible tell us in Matthew 7:16, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” That’s good advice. We shouldn’t pay attention to what someone looks like, and certainly not to what they say, but only to what they do – their fruits. That is how we can know them.

But what if a snake acts and/or votes like a bunny?
The trouble is that if a snake’s true objective is higher up, like Congress, then it may actually vote like a bunny until it gets there, so “knowing them by their fruits” may at times be easier said than done.

Truth vs. Comey
So, what tells us that Comey is a Republican? Only his lips. His fruits tell us something else – that, while he may have acted like a bunny along the way, this bunny actually is, and always has been, a snake.

Jere Moore
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