The Most Important Midterm Election in Our Lifetimes: A Prediction

Venezuela Near Collapse

(Image credit – National Review) It is my opinion that, based upon the results of the upcoming midterm election, there will be one of two outcomes: 1. If Democrats win control of the US House, then they will impeach the president. It will only take a simple majority, and you can bet that every single Democrat will vote for it. […]

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Manchurian Candidate: Part 2

We know that vampires and werewolves don’t exist for very good reasons. For the same reasons, we know that Manchurian candidates do exist. We’ve been watching them for years. We watched many of them when they first became candidates and followed them through their elections and then watched in amazement as they proceeded to violate their stated principles and campaign […]

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Comey: “The Republican Party Left Me” – the Truth!

James Comey is a Republican! Yeah, I know, it’s incomprehensible that he is supposed to be a Republican. If that little voice inside of you is tugging at your earlobes and telling you that something is not right about that, then listen to it. Something is definitely not right. In politics, there are no accidents Like many so-called Republicans in […]

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DANGER! – Imminent Invasion From the South!!!

Is Mexico committing an act of war against the United States? The threat Perhaps you have been reading about the “caravan” of 1200 (potential) “immigrants”, complete with their own Buzzfeed reporter, that is approaching our southern border with Mexico. This group calls itself World (or People) Without Borders, so you right off the bat know their agenda is much more […]

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